Our History

yayasanThe Albukhary-Irsyad International School is the product of a partnership between Yayasan Albukhary and Irsyad Trust Ltd. The Albukhary-Irsyad International School (AIIS) is a premier school, modelled after top Singapore educational institutions. With the adoption of the latest and most effective approaches to teaching, AIIS transforms an average student into a top-scoring achiever and leader. Our school prepares students to excel in the real world.

In 2015, an MOA was signed between Yayasan Albukhary and Irsyad Trust Ltd for the setting up of the Albukhary-Irsyad International School in Alor Setar. This represents the first partnership between the 2 organizations. God-willing, many more collaborations shall follow.

About The Albukhary Foundation

1970s: The Albukhary Foundation traces its roots to Bukhary Sdn Bhd, the first company set up by Syed Mokhtar Albukhary in 1974, when he donated half of his income to 15 needy families in his village. He was then a 23-year-old struggling rice trader in Alor Setar, who seized opportunities presented by the newly-launched New Economic Policy of Malaysia. As his businesses grew, so did his generosity – he sponsored poor hajj pilgrims, built mosques, and responded to appeals for medical treatment and education by the poor.

1980s: After consolidating his businesses in Alor Setar, Syed Mokhtar moved to Kuala Lumpur where he had secured trading and manufacturing contracts. His charitable activities moved in tandem, and expanded to the rest of the country.

1990s: Malaysia stepped up its industrialisation programme, and privatised several public services and utilities. Syed Mokhtar won privatisation projects such as Johor Port, Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Malakoff and Bernas. He also invested in several public listed companies to meet the New Economic Policy target to raise bumiputera equity in the corporate sector. In 1996, he established the Albukhary Foundation to formalise his ever-increasing charitable activities. The foundation established its own flagship programmes, notably the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, which opened its door to the public in 1998.

2000s: The Albukhary Group of Companies was restructured under three flagships: MMC Corporation Berhad, DRB-HICOM Berhad and Tradewinds (M) Berhad. Between them, they are involved in almost every key growth sector of the Malaysian economy – transport and logistics; energy & utilities; engineering & construction; automobiles and defence services; property & infrastructure development; plantations and hospitality. In addition to strengthening their foothold in Malaysia, the companies have international operations. A portion of income earned from business is channeled to the foundation’s flagship programs and other initiatives conducted under its five pillars – Education, Welfare, Health, Heritage and Environment.  Like his businesses, the foundation has internationalised its activities. It now has a global footprint, with a presence in more than 50 countries.

So far, RM1.63 billion spent for projects to reach the communities in more than 50 countries by the Albukhary Foundation.

About Irsyad Trust Ltd
Irsyad Trust Ltd is a Singapore organization  which oversees Madrasah al-Irsyad Al-Islamiah. In addition to this, Irsyad Trust Ltd. markets and promotes the Irsyad programs internationally. Commonly referred to as Al-Irsyad Singapore, its programs have uplifted schools in Southeast Asia and beyond. Irsyad Trust Ltd was recognized by a 2009 Journal entitled “The 500 Most Influential Muslims” which saw Madrasah Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiah as a model future school. It was praised for possessing a progressive education, a balanced religious and secular education, a holistic and replicable model and provides a model for future Islamic education. Madrasah Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiah is a premier full-time madrasah in Singapore and therefore an official alternative school to the National school in Singapore. The top performing Madrasah in Singapore whichis visited by international visitors weekly, Madrasah Al-Irsyad Al- Islamiah is frequently featured in the news.

The Irsyad brand has travelled overseas. In 2007 a partnership materialized between Irsyad Trust Ltd and Yayasan Parahyangan Satya which saw the establishment  of Al-Irsyad Satya Islamic School in Kota Baru, Bandung, Indonesia. Not long after, 2 other partnerships to set up the model of Al-Irsyad materialized in Indonesia,  in Magetan and Menes. In 2014, the Fitrah Network was formed. With this network, the teaching and learning of Arabic in the region was enhanced. The following organizations and schools have adopted the Al-Irsyad model of teaching Arabic:  Assalam School Network (Thailand), Pusat Pendidikan Al-Amin (Malaysia), Jaringan Sekolah Islam Terpadu (Indonesia), Ikatan Pelajar Putri NU (Indonesia), Mathlaul Anwar (Indonesia) and Kementerian Agama Provinsi Aceh (Indonesia).